Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

Why Does A Cat Lick People?When your cat licks you, it’s under the impression that it’s grooming or cleaning you.  Cats groom each other as a sign of affection.  A way to show their love and appreciation.

But not all the time.  Sometimes it may be as simple as a scent it’s picking up on your hand.  Something you were eating, perhaps.  Or cooking.  A little residue of dinner on your chin.  But it doesn’t have to be food.  Cats can also be intrigued by the leftover over scents of toiletries or cleaning products.  They may also be interested in the salty taste of sweat they can find on your skin.

Licking humans is a completely normal and expected behavior in domestic cat breeds.  They consider you part of their pack, and generally you’ll have an elevated role in it.  That’s what it’s trying to show you.  Cats you’ve never met before may also want to lick you, letting you know they respect you.